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January 20th ✙ Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for January 20th, 2019

         AT A WEDDING IN CANA, Jesus changed water into wine. There are many things in our spiritual lives that should be changed. Jesus’ power is available to us too. Let us reflect on our need of his power in order to change the things in our lives that need to be changed.
         Lord Jesus, you change fear into trust. Lord, have mercy.
         You change weakness into strength. Christ, have mercy.
         You change selfishness into love. Lord, have mercy.

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MONDAY:✟ Jerry Bates, by Mary K Bates
TUESDAY: ✟ Francis Ackerman, by Bill Ackerman
WEDNESDAY:✟ Allen Davis, by Bill Ackerman
FRIDAY: ✟ Caterina Cervellin, by Cathi Johnson

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Prayer List....

Tom Clark Patti Summers
Lynn Lockett Sarah Bryan
Denny Heikura John McAvoy
John Del' Amico Joe Bonchonsky
Barbara Entwisle Charles Ely
Marilyn Brickett Joe Spini
Lori Wise Kitty Lyons
Janet Renon Robert & Cathy Neptune
Esther Aw Ed Flynn
Vicky Potter Steve Smith
Jim Mathews Gerardo Rodriguez-Coronado

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Prayer for Our Troops

Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Please Pray for these men and women in the service of our country:

Frank Baker-Gleason, US Coast Guard Master Sgt. Matthew Rossoni, Army Commander Michael Quigley, US Navy

Kristen Chapman; USAF

Sean Eastis, USMC Sarah Manley, USAF Andy Harrison, USAF Nickolaus Swanson
SSG Trevor Oxman

Brian Tucker

Kyle McGill, US Army Infantry Nick Kenndy, USN
James Chapman Seamus Weston Alicia Delahunty Robert A. Wharton
Master Sgt. Roy Olmos Jr. Roy Walters    


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Water into Wine

Jesus brought the wine of God’s love into the world.
Everywhere He went the old was made new.
For the couple at Cana He changed water into wine. For the widow of Nain He changed tears into joy.
For Zacchaeus He changed selfishness into love.
For the thief on Calvary He changed despair into hope.
And on Easter morning He changed death into life.
Lord, be present with us today and throughout our lives.
And when through human weakness the wine of love is found wanting, touch our hearts and strengthen our wills, so that we may taste the wine of unselfish love.

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Your Builder Shall Marry You

       The prophets often spoke of Jerusalem as if it were a person, specifically a woman. Today Isaiah makes such an address to the city with a deeper intention. When he wrote these words, the city was in ruins. It's temple and walls were shattered. It truly was "desolate". Isaiah predicts future glory for the city, but he is speaking of more than structures of stone.
       He is telling the people of Jerusalem -- and all believers -- that God (the builder and creator) will MARRY them. This suggests a future intimacy with God's faithful that goes beyond a mere creator and creature relationship. God will bond with us in a relationship like that of human marriage.

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Interpretation of Jesus' Comment

        At the Cana wedding reception Jesus seems to speak rudely to his mother. He calls her "woman" when she suggests that bridal couple need help. Actually the translation is poor.
         Jesus calls His mother, "My Lady" which is a title for a noblewoman and hence a courtesy. Jesus may not be refusing to come to their assistance. His remark, "My hour has not come" may also be translated as a question, "Has my hour come?" In other words He is asking Mary's advice about the time for His ministry to begin.
        This public sign of power will propel Him along the course that will lead to his death and resurrection.

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The Hand Washing Ritual

        Before eating, Jewish people must ritually wash their hands, as follows: They first must fill a spoutless vessel with water. Then they pour the water over the round smooth rim, onto their hands.
         The most common practice is to pour first over the right hand three times, then the left three times, using up all the water. Finally they dry their hands and recite a blessing. If they leave the table for any reason during the meal, this process must be repeated.
         There is no wonder that so many stone jars of water were handy, when Jesus changed the water into wine.

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Additional Study Guides!

          1. *** Scott Hahn's commentaries can be found here

          2. *** from "Our Sunday Readings"

          downloadable commentary

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To understand this week's scripture readings, please refer to our Bible Study page which has several links to more bible resources and notes.

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