October 21st ✙ 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Readings for October 21st, 2018

    THE LETTER TO THE HEBREWS, in our second reading, tells us that in Jesus we have a High Priest who was tempted in every way that we are, though He is without sin. He has been through the mill, so to speak. Therefore, He can understand our struggles and help us.
     Let us approach Him with confidence. Lord, have give us strength when we are weak. Lord, have mercy.
    You raise us up when we fall. Christ, have mercy.
    You give us courage when we are down-hearted. Lord, have mercy.

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Scott Hahn's commentaries can be found here

Agape Catholic Bible study: 29th SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME

To understand this week's scripture readings, please refer to our Bible Study page which has several links to more bible resources and notes.

Messianic Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Click here!

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MONDAY:✟ Betty Sarti, by Jan Weldon
TUESDAY:Healing of Tammy Pecis, by Jan Dusik
WEDNESDAY:✟ Tony Ackerman, by Bill Ackerman
FRIDAY:✟ Paul and Francis Aiello, by John Aiello

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Liturgy Assignments for the Next 2 Weeks

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th - 5:00pm
Lector: Chuck Schlumpberger
Eucharist: Bill Navarre
Cup: Paul Schwartz & Lavada Erickson
Servers: Nathan & Jennifer Roach
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: George & Connie Kraemer
Ushers: Frank Correa & Frank Melo

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21st - 9:00 am
Lector: Mark Sadler
Eucharist: Sandy Meneni
Cup: Roseana Slezevicuipe & Deacon Ed Pecis
Servers: Daniel Forslund & Adam Aguirre
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Mike & Barbara Rodriguez
Ushers: Bruno Zamperin & Dante Capovilla

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27th - 5:00 am
Lector: George Kraemer
Eucharist: Mark Clure
Cup: Connie & Frank Melo
Servers: Elise & Linnea Dolf
Music: Folk Group
Offertory Gifts: Frank & Judy Goulart
Ushers: Mark Clure & Bill Acord

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th - 9:00 am
Lector: Vince Reinig
Eucharist: Alvin Garcia
Cup: Deacon Ed Pecis & Kris Acord
Servers: Austin McWilliams & Adam Domanski
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Offertory Gifts: Paul, Donna & Jacob Chapman
Ushers: Alvin Garcia & Mike Rodriguez

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Reflections: The Request that Jesus Refused to Grant

    James and John were two opportunists.Their one aim was to rise in the ranks. To achieve their end, they did not hesitate to beg. They did not mind how much envy and resentment they aroused in their companions. Their aim was to scramble up the career ladder. But at what price to themselves?
    In the course of their rise to the top, people lose themselves, their own souls, whatever they do or achieve will be worthless. Power hardens the human heart. A hard-hearted person is incapable of love.
     It is by giving that we receive, and it is by serving that we grow in love.

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More on the Readings

Our First Reading:

   Pleased to Crush Him
   There is a section of four "Suffering" poems in the last part of the book of Isaiah. They describe a person whom God calls a servant who goes through some terrible ordeal, seemingly without any reason.
    In today's poem, God states the purpose of the torture--to "justify" or restore the people's relationship with God. The author seems to be describing either a stereotype of any righteous sufferer or the people of Israel taken as a whole. The Church interprets these passages as prophecies about Jesus, the Servant of all.

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Gospel Reading

   Apostolic Ambition
   Initially Jesus’ apostles may havejoined Him in the hope that He was a political revolutionary. They thought that He would launch a rebellion and set up a new kingdom in Israel. This helps us understand the un-saintly arrogance in their quarrel today.
   Jesus has specifically rejected any political motives. The apostles hear only what they want. They anticipate holding prominent offices in the new reign to come. We must remember that saints are first of all, human beings. They begin with the same ambitions and failings that we have, but rise above them.

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   At the end of Mass, we are not simply dismissed. We are sent out in the Lord's name and with the Lord's power to build up of His kingdom in the world. When Mass concludes, we do not just leave the building; we enter the world with a mission!

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