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December 2nd ✙ 1st Sunday of Advent

Readings for December 2nd, 2018

         ADVENT FOCUSES OUR attention on the coming of Christ. We live between two comings of Christ – His first coming in humility and weakness at Bethlehem, and His second coming in majesty and power at the end of time. St. Paul says that with each passing year “our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.”
         Let us reflect for a moment on how much we need the Lord’s salvation in our lives and in the world.
.        Lord Jesus, you show your paths to those who stray. Lord, have mercy.
        You guide the humble in the right path. Christ, have mercy.
        Those who hope in you will not be disappointed. Lord, have mercy.

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Reflections: Life is Fleeting

The hill flowers fade,
but will bloom again next year.
But we never get back our youth.
Life is a fragile gift which we enjoy only briefly;
our life is like the warming of oneself in the sun.
We live in a flash of light’ before we know it,
evening comes and night falls.
But the very fleetingness of life
makes it all the more precious.
Lord, may your gentle and sure light
guide us on the unfolding road,
so that we may walk with confidence
towards the light that never fades
and the life that never ends.

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MONDAY:Gerald Butler, by Bill Ackerman
TUESDAY:Marge Butler, by Bill Ackerman
WEDNESDAY:Joanne Payne, by Jan Weldon
FRIDAY: Melodee Bell, by LaVada Erickson

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Liturgy Assignments for the Next 2 Weeks

SATURDAY, December 1st - 5:00 pm
Lectors: Jan Dusik; Oralee Floria
Eucharist: Bill Navarre
Cup: Darrold & Cathy Jourdan
Servers: Nathan & Jennifer Roach
Music: Folk Group
Ushers: Bill Acord & Mark Clure

SUNDAY, Decmber 2nd - 9:00 am
Lectors: CCD Group
Eucharist: Sandy Meneni
Cup: Teresa Hickey & Cynthia Hubbard
Servers: Austin McWilliams, Adam Domanski
& Liam McWilliams
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Ushers: Bruno Zamperin & Dante Capovilla

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8th - 5:00 pm
Lectors: George Kraemer & Jennifer Womack
Eucharist: Mark Clure
Cup: Frank & Connie Melo
Servers: Daniel Forslund & Alexa Thompson
Music: Folk Group
Ushers Dave Barnett & Tom Ravizza

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9th - 9:00 am
Lectors: Jim Ostrowski & Rosana Slezevicuipe
Eucharist: Bruno Zamperin
Cup: Maria Zamperin & Deacon Ed Pecis
Servers: Elise Dolf , Linnea Dolf & Benny Gazave
Music: Carol Taforo & James Roach
Ushers: Alvin Garcia & Mike Rodriguez

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Signs in the Heavens

      This week's Gospel is a parallel to that of the feast of Christ the King. Jesus predicts the destruction of Jerusalem. He develops the idea further, to include a description of the end of the world. He teaches that there will be cosmic signs in the sky to herald these events. Jesus adds the idea that the "Son of Man" (a phrase that means "human") will be seen in the heavens, coming on a cloud. The book of Acts–also by Luke– begins with an angelic prediction of the same event
.      We can't be sure of the nature of these "signs". They may refer to actual physical events involving planets and the sun. Equally possible is the explanation that Jesus is talking about the "powers of heaven" and political governments, doomed to fail.

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"The First Shoot"

     Judaism, like Catholicism, is a connective religion. This means that individuals do not have to carry the burden of salvation alone. We are saved by our link to others in our faith: we're all in it together. For the Jewish people this is hereditary. God promised to bless Abraham and his descendants. This explains why there are so many genealogies in the bible — Abraham was the father of Isaac, and so on.
     The most important family tree was that of King David. The "just" or honorable "shoot" would be part of that tree. Jeremiah predicts this and points to Jesus.

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     Advent is the time to make ready for Christ to live with us. Lent is the time to make us ready to die with Christ. Advent makes Lent possible. Lent makes salvation possible. Advent is the time when eternity approaches earth. Lent is the time when time reaches consummation in Christ's eternal Sacrifice to the Father. Advent leads to Christ's life in time on earth. Lent leads to Christ's eternal Life in Heaven.
     The Cross -- through the Mass, penance, and mortification -- is the bridge connecting Advent and Lent, Christ and His Church, man and God. Each of the Church's penitential seasons is a dying to the world with the goal of attaining new life in Christ.

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